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Meeting with Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams
Welcome to Joi Life Wellness Group™️. We welcome new and existing Multiple Sclerosis patients Wednesday - Friday from 9AM to 4:00 PM. Here’s what you can expect during your in person visit with world class MS specialist, Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams. 

What To Expect:

MS New Patient Exam
This extended visit includes:
Detailed review of previous medical records
MRI image review with you and your family
New Prescriptions/Refills based upon care plan
Thorough medical history
Comprehensive neurological examination
Personalized Care Plan
Tailored MS education
Test Ordering
MS Existing Patient Exam
This extended visit includes:
Discussion of medical history since last visit
MRI image review with you and your family
Neurological examination
Personalized Care Plan
Tailored MS education
New prescriptions/Refills based upon care plan
Test Ordering as needed
MS Infusion Visit - Coming Soon
MS Clinic
Vital Signs per MS Center Staff
Pre-infusion visit as needed
Infusion Medication administration
Medical staff onsite to observe during and after infusion therapy administration

You are your own best advocate! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you understand your treatment plan after every healthcare visit.

Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams, a Board-Certified Neurologist and Fellowship trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist.

Why Choose Joi Life Wellness™️:

You get:
World-renowned Fellowship Trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist
Board-Certified Neurologist
In-depth Neurological Consultation
Personalized Blueprint for Your Health
Extended Office Visits
Access When You Need Us
Infusions (coming soon)
Telemedicine services
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