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Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams


World-Renowned Multiple Sclerosis Expert
Fellowship Trained MS Specialist.
Offering MS Care with Compassion and Joy.
Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams

Board-Certified Neurologist

Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams

World Renowned Multiple Sclerosis Expert

Fellowship Trained MS Specialist.

The mission:

To Engage, Educate, & Empower

Those affected by MS to become an active part of their healthcare team

Welcome to Joi Life Wellness Group –your final destination in a quest for comprehensive and compassionate Multiple Sclerosis care. Based in Newnan, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta), we not only provide in person medical care but also telemedicine/virtual visits. We pride ourselves in offering top-notch personalized care in a warm environment where you can spend the time with your doctor that you need, ask all of your questions, and leave feeling empowered.
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Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams
Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams is a Board-Certified neurologist and Fellowship trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. She is the Founder of Joi Life Wellness which provides personalized Multiple Sclerosis Care delivered with expertise, compassion and joy. Dr. Mitzi is passionate about educating and empowering people affected by MS to understand the disease process and the goals of treatment. She has traveled the world as a Multiple Sclerosis expert and provides high quality MS care.
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Dr. Mitzi Joi WilliamsDr. Mitzi Joi WilliamsDr. Mitzi Joi Williams

Why Choose Joi Life Wellness:

You get:
World-renowned Fellowship Trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist
Board-Certified Neurologist
In-depth Neurological Consultation
Personalized Blueprint for Your Health
Extended Office Visits
Access When You Need Us
Infusions (coming soon)
Telemedicine services
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