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Your video call will be with Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams, a board-certified neurologist and world-renowned multiple sclerosis expert. The Virtual Appointment fee must be collected prior to the visit. Dr. Mitzi does not participate in insurance plans.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common reasons to schedule a Virtual Appointment from home?

1. I have general questions about MS
2. I think I may be showing signs or symptoms of MS.
3. I would like a second opinion about my MS diagnosis.
4. I have questions about treatment options for MS.
5. I am a care partner for someone living with MS and I have questions about their care.
6. I am an established patient of Dr. Mitzi and I need a prescription refill.
7. I am an established patient of Dr. Mitzi and I need a routine follow up visit.

How much does the appointment cost?

Fees vary based on the type of appointment. 

Do I need to have a computer?

You do not need to have a computer. A phone with a camera and microphone will work too. You need to have a strong wifi or 3G/4G connection and good lighting in a quiet area, so the doctor can clearly see and hear you. Please have your care partner present if possible.

Can multiple people in my household participate in the Virtual Appointment?

We will need to set up an appointment for each individual but we can do the assessment on one call.

Will my appointment be with Dr. Mitzi?

Yes! Your appointment will be with Dr. Mitzi.

Will I have a diagnosis at the end of my appointment?

You will not have a diagnosis.  TeleMedicine is a great way to see patients and offer education and resources, however, it does have its limitations. You will need a face to face evaluation and complete diagnostic workup with a neurologist for a true and accurate diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.